Launching Novels
for Young Adults


After the Seven Princes of Hell escaped the underworld, becoming gods became their obsession. Spawned from the angels banished from Heaven, the Seven have lured the soul of man into their influence since the beginning of time. Supernaturally gifted angelic-human warriors – the Angelic Response Council – have been disappearing over the past thousand years, and their ranks grow thin.ealized a good bit ago that working on a smaller scale suited our personality, and that's where we've decided to put our energy. Also, it's great to be able to help new or smaller companies grow. It's like being in on the ground floor of something special, time and time again. And for us, nothing is more fulfilling.  

Prophecy holds that in the Council's darkest hours a boy will emerge, Sage the Warrior, divined to possess all twenty-two angelic gifts and become the Council’s ultimate warrior.  He will seek out and destroy the Seven Princes of Hell one by one, and lead humanity away from the brink of their own annihilation.


Fourteen-year-old Sage Alexander appears to be an outcast.  He has no school friends and his parents think he talks to an imaginary person.  The truth of the matter is that there are no imaginary people—these people are part of a world that only Sage can see because he is a part of it, too. He is not a regular teenager, but not a run-of-the-mill hero ready to save the day, either. Although Sage has been training his entire life as the Angelic Response Council’s prophesied savior, he does not fully accept the role. He will, however, need to learn that, sometimes, a person needs to do something that is beyond his or her own beliefs to save others, especially when it comes to protecting family— and the world.  

From the exposition, readers are thrown into Sage’s world. Sage’s point of view illustrates the fantastical elements of angels and demons, creatures that live in nightmares, legends, and myths. Readers also see the everyday world around Sage that is seemingly unaffected by these demons, creating a calm before the storm. Characters are described in great detail and given depth throughout the story, especially Sage, as he grows throughout his training and trials. Teachers and librarians can recommend Sage’s story to audiences who appreciate a fantasy world with an unassuming, young hero.

            — Lauren Straub, VOYA Magazine (Voice of Youth Advocates)